Using the Waste Biomass Carbonization to Improve the Soil Quality

As a agricultural country, China has a huge amount of biomass waste to handle, but the tradition methods, such as burning is harmful to the environment. As the environmental pollution is increasingly serious, a new way to handle those biomass waste should be found out.

The Green House Effect does a lot of harm to the environment, burning the biomass waste, such as crop stalk, rice husk will aggravate the pollution, so the waste treatment plant manufacturers have developed the biomass carbonization plant,which can effectively protect the environment and recycle the biomass waste.

sewage sludge treatment plant
sewage sludge treatment plant

The biomass carbonization machine can convert many kinds of biomass waste, such as straw, coconut shell, palm kernel shell into biomass carbon.The biomass has a great market value. Listed here are some details.

First, the soil of most parts of the world contains less carbon content, and the land is fertile,but with the biomass carbon, you can improve the soil quality, thus the output of the land is also increased.

Second, the biomass carbon can be directly used as fuel in food industry. It is free of smoke, odor and toxin, so it is the first choice in barbecue.

Third, it can be reprocessed into activated carbon, which can be used as adsorbing material.

The carbonization machine can handle many kinds of waste, so it can also be used in sewage sludge treatment. If you have interest in this plant, contact us to know more.