Details You Should Know When Install the Wood Carbonization Plant

Before being shipped, the each part of the carbonization machine has been joint together, so you’d better ship them as a whole. If it is not convenient for some customers to ship them as a whole, you can separate them. But when you put them together, you must ensure that the input shaft of the speed reducer is concentric or parallel to the shaft of the motor, and the output end is concentric or parallel to the shaft of the bridge. After installing the carbonization plant, you should rotate the motor, speed reducer, bridge shaft to test whether it can work smoothly. Then you should fix the motor, speed reducer, and bridge shaft.

Then you can run the plant without processing the material, so that you can check the sound, the temperature and the vibration, but the working time should be limited within 2 hours.

After all the work done, you can install the air blower, water diversion pipe, air duct and other external equipment. The last is to install the electrical control gear. When you install the electrical control gear for the first time, the installation must be in progress under the guidance of the professional technicians. The temperature sensor shall be installed in strict accordance with the instructions , so it can avoid the failure of the sensor. Take appropriate protective measures on the sensor wire. As for the electrical control cabinet, it should be placed in a dust free environment, and it should be away from the hot-blast stove of the host.

The wood carbonization plant can carbonize many kinds of biomass waste, such as the coconut shell, palm shell, rice husk and so on. After the carbonization process, you can get biomass carbon, which can also be reprocessed into activated carbon.

wood carbonization plant
wood carbonization plant

So you must ensure that the biomass carbonization plant can work in a stable condition, then the working efficiency can also be ensured.