Palm Kernel Shell Carbonization Machine

Palm kernel shell carbonization machine is designed to convert palm kernel shell waste into charcoal through the biomass carbonization process. As a pioneer in the waste recycling plants manufacturing field, Beston Group can provide you with best quality palm shell kernel charcoal machine with perfect design, which can both save energy and protect the environment.

palm kernel shell carbonization machine
palm kernel shell carbonization machine

Advantages of Beston Palm Shell Charcoal Machine

First, the combustible gas produced during the palm shell carbonization process can be recycled to heat the carbonization host and dry the raw material. In addition, when the amount of the combustible gas is steady and strong enough, it can even replace the fuel. So our palm kernel shell charcoal machine is energy saving.

Second, it is equipped with the de-dusting system, which can achieve the professional de-sulfurization, smoke-remove, so the plant can achieve emission standard.

de dusting system of Beston palm kernel shell carbonization machine
de dusting system of Beston palm kernel shell carbonization machine

Third, the palm shell charcoal is discharged after the water cooling system, which can cool the palm shell charcoal down. The temperature of the discharged charcoal is around 30 degrees, so the charcoal will not be self-ignited.

In virtue of all above mentioned, our palm kernel shell carbonization machine is popular in the South and the Southeast Asia countries. And we have built good cooperation relationship with customers from Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries.

Biomass Carbonization Plant
Model BST-03 BST-05 BST-12 BST-20,30
Raw material Sawdust, coconut shell, wood, rice husk,
waste sludge and other biomass material
Structure Horizontal
Capacity (kg/h) 300 500 1200 2000,3000
Rotary speed of furnace 3-9 turn/ min
Power (Kw/h) 11 15 18.5 30,55
Host size (Width*Height* Length) 1000*1700*800 1300*1900*8500 1600*2200*8500 2200*2800*8500,

Many people have realized the benefits of investing a palm kernel shell charcoal machine, which can not only solve the waste palm shell problem, but can also bring earnings.

Charcoal from the palm shell can be reprocessed into palm shell activated carbon, which can be used in water recycling and air purification. The palm shell charcoal is good fertilizer to improve the quality of the soil. Not to mention that the high carbon content of the palm shell charcoal make it useful fuel in industry and BBQ.

palm kernel shell charcoal
palm kernel shell charcoal

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