Carbonization Plant in Turkey Is Under Installation

Latest news! Beston carbonization plant in Turkey is under installation and commissioning. As shown in the pictures, the plant has already taken shape. The main equipment has been installed and the basic construction works have been almost finished. That is to say, the carbonization plant will be put into use very soon.

Carbonization Plant in Turkey
Beston Carbonization Plant in Turkey
Carbonization Plant Under the Installation

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Chilean Customers Visited Beston Carbonization Plant

From May 8th to 10th, our clients from Chile visited Beston Group to purchase a charcoal making machine. During this tour, they went to our factory and checked our testing carbonizer machine on site first. Then our sales managers and engineers proposed to them a specific charcoal production business plan according to their requirements and conditions. After that, they came to visit our head office. And they were very satisfied with our service and products. Both of us expect to work together further.

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Discuss More Details With Chilean Customers
Customers from Chile Visited Beston Carbonization Plant

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Algerian Customer Visited Beston for Carbonation Machine

On the morning of June 3, 2018, our Algerian customer arrived in Zhengzhou and then went to Beston carbonization factory with our sales manager. In the factory, our sales manager and engineer first introduced our equipment briefly. Then they showed the customer a preliminary business plan according to his basic conditions. After that, they checked the operation line of our charcoal carbonization furnace on site. When they went back to the office, they talked over more details. On June 4, our customer came to visit our head office. As we expected, our customers were very satisfied with the whole journey. More importantly, our products and services made a good impression on him. We are looking forward to further cooperation.

 Carbonation Machine
Algerian Customer Visited Beston for Carbonation Machine

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Welcome Kenyan Customer to Beston

We were happy that our Kenyan customer came to visit us. Since they are interested in our charcoal making machine, so we took him to our factory. In our factory, they saw the running machine. And our sales manager also expressed many details about our machine to them. Our biomass carbonization plant can handle many … Read more…