The Development of Continuous Sewage Sludge System

The latest biomass carbonizer can work continuously, and the quality of the biomass carbon is also increased. The invention of continuous carbonization plant makes the disposal of agricultural waste much more convenient and profitable. Almost all kinds of biomass waste, such as crop, sawdust, rice husk, coconut shell, palm shell and so on can be processed by the biomass carbonization plant, and with the development of carbonization technology, the carbonization machine can be also used to carbonize sewage sludge and waste, and the carbonization plant has been a great support in building a green society.

carbonization machine
carbonization machine

With the increasing level of industrialization, the amount of sewage sludge also becomes larger and larger. So using the sewage sludge carbonization system to solve this problem is essential to environmental protection.

The carbonized sewage sludge can be used as adsorbent, and after carbonization process, the volume of sludge sewage is reduced, and it will not cause secondary pollution. So the sewage sludge carbonization technology can both protect the environment and make economical benefits, in this way, it achievs the recyling of the waste, and turns the waste to energy.

sludge carbonization plant
sludge carbonization plant

The continuous sludge treatment system make the sludge carbonization process harmless, and the end product can be widely used in different areas. Bestion Group has been in this field for many years, and after the continuous exploration of our engineers, our carbonization plant has the following advantages.

1. The running cost of our plant is lower than other plants.

2. The service life of our plant is longer. The one fire two step method can not only save the energy cost, but can also prolong the service life of the reactor.

3. The quality of the biomass carbon is higher, because the biomass carbon has a higher carbon content.

4. The investors can get higher profits due to the reasons mentioned above.

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