The Operation Tips During the Rain and Snow Days

There is a lot of rain and snow days in winter, and in the winter, people need more carbon, so how to operate the biomass carbonization plant properly and ensure the normal production are necessary. This article will give you some information about the operation tips.

carbonization equipment
carbonization equipment

When the temperature drops to 0 degrees below, the operation mechanism of carbonization machine will be affected , first in the low temperature condition, some parts of the device will be affected by thermal expansion and contraction, and those parts will become smaller, such as carbonization machine rolling system, which will wear down at a faster speed, and then the service life will also be shortened in the low temperature condition, so it is necessary to prepare more standard parts . In addition, you can paint the carbonizing machine in sunny days to prevent the parts getting rusty. The low temperature also easily leads to the carbonization plant losing heat, so it is important to ensure that the measure is right.

We Beston think that to ensure carbon quality, we must ensure the temperature measurement accuracy of the general machine. Generally, we use the thermocouple to monitor the temperature of the inner cylinder and the outer cylinder, but, this method has some drawbacks that the measured data are vulnerable to the impact of the surrounding environment, once the detection equipment influenced by the¬†environment will affect the operation of personnel to control the equipment temperature, thus it will affect the carbon quality. To solve this problem, using the cotton insulation needs is a good method. The probes are wrapped, so you don’t have to worry about the deviation.

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