Factors that Affect the Spread of the Biomass Carbonizaton Plant

As the environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, the environmental protection is popular trend all over the world, and people try to reduce the pollution and recycle the waste to energy. The coconut shell, straw, rice husk, waste bamboo, sawdust, sewage sludge, palm shell and other biomass waste can be the raw material, then we can get biomass carbon from biomass waste, in addition, the biomass carbon can be reprocessed into activated carbon.

carbonization machine for making charcoal
carbonization machine for making charcoal

The modern people suffer a lot because of the air pollution, especially the methanal in the air, and the activated carbon can be the raw material to make the adsorbent. The increasing demand of the activated carbon also make investing in the carbonization plant a wide choice. Because it can not only reduce the pollution, but it can also create fortune for you.

But there are some factors that affect the spread of the biomass carbonizaton plant. Here we list some for you.

1. There are too many manufacturers in the market. People know that this industry is profitable, so many companies starting sell and manufacturing the biomass carbonization plant, but many of them do not master the carbonization technology well, and they do not have the special design to ensure the working efficiency.

2. The invisible price. The cut-throat competition between the manufacturers makes the price of the plant float, and the customers do not have a clear understanding of the price.

3. The customers do not exactly how to operate the plant. Many immature manufactures know nothing about the each part of the plant, the working process and the installation tips.

Beston(China) Group has been this field for many years, and we have the professional technical team and the mature technology. We promise that if you buy our plant, we will send you the technician to help you install the plant and the after sale service of our company is also first class.

The carbonization temperature when making charcoal from biomass, and special design of the plant can control the carbonization temperature perfectly. If you have any interest, feel free to contact us.