The Sewage Sludge Treatment Plant is Helpful to Protect the Environment

The sewage sludge is produced during our daily life, and because of lacking of technology and knowledge, there was no proper method to handle the sewage sludge problem, and the sewage sludge polluted the environment.

The invention of the sewage treatment system help people out.As the conflict between the environmental protecting and the sewage sludge become more and more serious, the sewage sludge treatment plant can sove this problem efficiently.It converts the sewage sludge into useful energy, and the whole trend also makes the sewage sludge carbonization plant a profitable choice.

sewage sludge treatment plant
sewage sludge treatment plant

The following is the sewage sludge carbonization process:

1. Gasifier equipment can produce fuel gas by heating the raw material.

2. The gas fuel can be used by the carbonization furnace to heat the raw materials.

3. Dust-removal device will remove the dust in the gas by the recycling water.

4. Gas cleaner will make gas clean, and you can use the gas to heat, which will not pollute the environment.

5. Cooling and discharging conveyor will cool the charcoal when discharging.

What Can We Do with the Carbon

You can use the coal molding machine to make carbon with the shape you like, and this kind of carbon has a higher carbon content than the common carbon.

You can also convert the biomass carbon into activated carbon, which has a wider application.

Henan Beston is devoted to manufacturing the high quality sewage sludge carbonization system, and we can according to the customers’ special need to design the carbonization plant for them. As a responsible social company, we can shoulder our responsibility to protect the environment, and we will try our best to fulfill this task.