The Daily Maintenance and Repair of Rice Husk Carbonization Plant

Before the maintenance and repair process, the first thing the maintenance personnel should do is to cut off the electricity supply, and hang out the inspection mark, and those measures can ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel . And the service engineer should read the instructions carefully and make sure that they are familiar with the each part of the plant and know how the plant works.

The purpose of maintenance and repair of rice husk carbonization plant is to repair and change the damaged and worn parts, so that the plant can work normally.

rice husk carbonization plant
rice husk carbonization plant

The contents include daily maintenance and regular inspection. Equipment fasteners and other solid sensor wire line should be inspected regularly. The gear wear and gear ring should be checked at least once a week, If they find seriously worn gear ring, then they should prepare the new one in advance . When replacing the gear ring, they should first remove the drive bridge unit and unweld the connection plate between the gear ring and barrel wall blown, and use the corner grinder grind the connection of the barrel wall, then release diagonal screw of the the gear ring, finally replace the gear ring of the feeder. As for the lifting plate, guide plate, they should confirm the material at first, then, replace the old ones with the same material and size . To ensure stable durability after welding, they should weld the gear ring according to material and the corresponding angel.the Finally we will talk about the maintenance and repair of air duct . The air dust is also in the condition of high temperature and humidity, so when checking the air duct,the heat preservation and sealing property are necessary, the maintenance personnel should also clean the plugging material, so that the air duct will not be blocked.

The regular maintenance and repair of the carbonziation plant is necessary, and we should protect the carbonization plant during we use it. The rice husk carbonization plant is working the high temperature condition, so we need to make sure that the plant work under the normal carbonization temperature, and if there is abnormal sound or smell, the operator should cut off the power, and check out the reason.

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