The Superiority of Straw Carbonization Machine

The straw waste is usually abandoned after the harvest, and some people use the waste straw as fertilizer, and some choose to burn them. Burning the waste straw will cause air pollution, and the government also forbid such behavior.

The straw carbonization machine can help the investors recycle the crop waste, such as rice husk, coconut shell, palm shell and so on. The following is something you should know when buying the plant.

straw carbonization plant
straw carbonization plant

The Advantages of the Plant

The design of the plant is reasonable, because the plant is equipped with the equipment that can recycle the combustible gas to heat the reactor, so it can achieve self-sufficient in the whole working process. In addition, there is no pollution caused by the plant, so the plant can solve the pollution problem. The plant will be popular because it can recycle the biomass waste and ease the pressure of the shortage of wood resources, moreover, it also makes a contribution to environment protection.

The Advanced Technology Uesd in the Plant

It adopts the latest carbonization technology, and the carbonization machine consists of screw feeder, screw feeding machine, cooling machine, conveyor and so on. The whole carbonizaton process carries on in an sealed condition, so it can achieve the continuous automatic production.

The continuous carbonization plant can help the investors save labor cost, in addition,the PLC electrical control cabinet can ensure the safety of the operators and the plant itself.

The quality of the biomass carbon is also high, and it can be used in many areas. If you have other demand, the biomass carbon can be easily reprocessed into activated carbon.

There is no dust, smoke,and pollution produced in the working process, so the plant is perfect waste treatment plant.

Beston carbonization plants have been sold to many countries, and they are thought highly by the customers. So if you want to purchase one,contact us to get the free quotation.