A Brief Introduction to the Biomass Energy and the Treatment Method

According to the characteristics that whether it can replace conventional fossil energy, the biomass energy can be divided into traditional biomass energy and modern biomass energy. The traditional biomass energy refers to the stalk, rice husk, crop waste and livestock manure. The modern biomass energy includes the forest waste and MSW waste.

According to the resources, the biomass that can be recycled are classified as forest resources, agricultural resources, sewage sludge, MSW and livestock manure.

First, the forest resources. It refers to the biomass energy produced during the growth period of wood and the forestry production process, and those energy are include scattered wood in the forest tending , thinning in operation, residual branches, timber harvesting and processing branches, sawdust, wood chips, top woods skins and butts, and the forestry by-product waste, such as the shell and kernel etc.

Second, the agricultural resources. Agricultural biomass resources refers to agricultural crops (including energy plant), such as crop residues in farmland in the harvest process , and the sorghum straw, wheat straw, rice straw, corn stalk and cotton stalk are also included, moreover, the agricultural processing waste, such as rice husk is also the biomass resources.

Third, the sewage sludge. The sewage sludge often comes from the cooling water, bath and drainage, toilet drainage, laundry drainage, kitchen drainage, fecal sewage, etc. It is rich in the organism.

straw carbonization plant
straw carbonization plant

Those biomass waste are not fully used by us, and some of them also do harm to the environment and human beings. Traditionally, we have some methods to deal with the agricultural waste and forest, but the methods are not environmental protecting and profitable. We recommend you the biomass carbonization plant, which can help you make charcoal from biomass waste, and the biomass charcoal is popular in the market.

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