What Is the End Product of the Carbonizer

To protect the forest resources, it is forbidden to make charcoal by cutting the wood, but there is still large demand of the charcoal, so how to make charcoal without harming the wood resources is a great challenge to the charcoal makers.

Most of the biomass waste, such as the coconut shell, crops, rice husk, palm shell are burned because of lacking of good disposal method, and those kinds of biomass waste are also stay untreated till they become the fertilizer, but those methods can not make fully use of the biomass waste, and burning the biomass waste also pollutes the environment.

So basing on environmental protection and waste recycling, the biomass carbonizing machine is a new choice for you. This plant adopts the latest carbonization technology, and it can convert the straw, rice husk and other biomass waste into biomass charcoal.

carbonization equipment
carbonization equipment

The Great Use of Biomass Charcoal

1. It can improve the soil quality, because the biomass charcoal has a strong porosity, so it can improve the breathability and drainage of the soil.

2. The biomass charcoal can be used as fertilizer, because the biomass charcoal can provide a better environment for the survival of the microbe.

3. The biomass charcoal can be sold directly as fuel, and the biomass carbon has a higher carbon content than common carbon.

4. The biomass charcoal can be the material to make activated carbon. It is certain that the activated carbon has a wider use than the common, so making activated carbon by using the biomass charcoal is also profitable.

The latest biomass charcoal making machine can work continuously, and the gas cleaning system can ensure that there is no pollution to the environment. Moreover, the combustible gas produced in the carbonization process can be recycled to heat the reactor, so the carbonization process can achieve self sufficient.

straw carbonization plant
straw carbonization plant

Using the biomass carbonizer can achieve the effective circulation of the waste. Why not have a try?