The Great Use of Biomass Carbon

The Basic Meaning of Carbon Base Fertilizer

The carbon base fertilizer means that using the biomass carbon as the base, and adding the organic matters or inorganic substance to confect the environmental protecting fertilizer according to the characteristics of the soil.

The Types of the Carbon Base Fertilizer

There are three types of the carbon base fertilizer, and they are carbon based organic fertilizer, carbon based inorganic fertilizer and carbon based organic inorganic compound fertilizer.

The Basic Theory of the Carbon Base Fertilizer

The carbon base fertilizer can efficiently increase the organic content of the soil, change the soil structure, and balance the content of the water and the salt of the soil, thus it can create a comfortable environment for the plants. In other words, using the carbon base fertilizer can improve the output of the crops.

The large amount of the biomass waste is a huge problem to handle, and as for the crops stalk, it is forbidden to burn them, because burning those biomass waste will cause serious pollution, so how to dispose those biomass in a green way is a challenge to the whole society.

The biomass carbonizing machine is available if you have the need. It can be used for straw carbonization, coconut shell carbonization. Other biomass waste, such as palm shell, rice husk can also be the raw material.

coconut shell carbonization plant
coconut shell carbonization plant

After the biomass carbonization process, you can get the biomass carbon from the biomass waste, and then the biomass carbon can be used to make carbon base fertilizer.

In addition, the carbon content of the biomass carbon is higer than the common carbon, so it is the best material to make activated carbon. The biomass carbon is not the only end product after the biomass carbonization process, the pyroligneous and wood tar are with high added value, and they are useful in many areas.

activated carbon plant
activated carbon plant

The environmental protection needs the support of the whole world, so it is time that we joint hands to ease the pollution, and the biomass carbonization plant is the best choice for you to recycle the biomass waste.