Environment Protection Effect of the Continuous Rice Husk Carbonization Plant

The continuous rice husk carbonization machine is also called fully automatic rice husk carbonizing machine. The continuous machine can work continuously, so it can ensure that the rice husk is completely carbonized, and the carbon you can get from the plant is also of high quality.

The rice husk carbonizer made by Beston(Henan) Machinery, Ltd. adopts the latest carbonization technology. The whole plant consists of a gasifier, spray tower, purification tower, carbonization host and so on.

rice husk carbonization plant
Rice Husk Carbonization Plant

The highest carbonization temperature can reach 900℃, and the carbonization efficient is a hundred percent.

The continuous rice husk carbonization machine can also handle the sawdust, palm shell, wood chips, coconut shell and so on, and with the help of the gasifier, the whole working process of the machine is energy saving, environmentally friendly and efficient.

Our plants are popular in the market, and with the trend of developing green economy, more and more people start concerning the carbonization plants. Because the designers have taken the energy crisis into consideration when design the plant, so the waste gas produced in the working process can be recycled as energy, thus there is no pollution caused by the gas, and the energy cost is also saved.

Using the carbonization machines can make full use of the agricultural and forestry residues, and turn them into energy. The plant can ease the conflict of the wood resources imbalance between supply and demand. Learn more here.

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