Working Process of Continuous Biomass Carbonization Machine

The continuous carbonization machine solves the problem that the traditional carbonization plant can not work in a continuous way, and the flue gas can not be well recycled.

carbonization equipment
carbonization equipment

The new continuous biomass carbonizing equipment overcome the technology difficulty, and the continuous working process can also improve the quality of the biomass carbon.

The main parts of the biomass carbonizing machines are: carbonization host, fully automatic conveyor, dust catcher, gasifier and so on.

This kind of carbonizing machine can handle many kinds of biomass waste, such as sawdust, wood chips, coconut shell, palm kerl shell and so on. Moreover, the biomass carbon has a wider usage than the common carbon.

There is plenty of agricultural resource all over the whole world, and the waste biomass is a huge problem remaining settled. The developed technology has made the biomass carbonization possible, and we believe that with the development of the world, the biomass recycling technology will be much more popular, and there is also a lot of profit space in this area.

beston carbonizing machine in spain
beston carbonizing machine in spain

We are specialized in the waste treatment plant for many years, and with the support of our professional team, we have designed and sold many biomass carbonization machines, which are thought highly by our customers, and if you want to know more about this plant, or you are interested in other waste treatment plants, you can contact us directly.

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