Spanish Customers Visited Beston Charcoal Production Plant

On July 25th, the customers from Spain came to visit our charcoal production plant. During this visit, our sales manager introduced the working process and technology first. Then they checked the test biochar machine on site. The charcoal making machine is applicable to processing various materials, such as coconut shell, palm kernel shell, straw, bamboo, wood, rice hull, sawdust, sewage sludge, etc. According to customers’ requirements, we use coconut shells as raw materials to show them the output rate, the processing time and the quality of charcoal. After the visit, the customers were very satisfied with our products and services. We all look forward to furthering cooperation in the future.

Spanish Customers in Beston
Spanish Customers in Beston
Charcoal Production Plant
Spanish Customers Visited Beston Charcoal Production Plant

Features of Beston Charcoal Production Plant

1. Our charcoal making machine is made of a kind of special stainless steel, which is resistant to the high temperature to prolong the service life and protect the workers. It is proved that our biochar production equipment can work for 8-10 years.

2. The biomass carbonization plant from Beston is fully continuous and easy to operate to save your labor force costs. Meanwhile, it can work without a stop to improve the working efficiency.

3. We employ multiple advanced dedusting systems to make sure the carbonization plant eco-friendly to the environment.

4. Our biochar machine is self-sufficient during the carbonization process. That is to say, the combustible gas produced during the process can be reused to heat the stove to save your energy costs.

Here is the charcoal making machine video with our Spanish customers, which was making charcoal from coconut shells.

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