Charcoal Machine in Turkey

Process Of Making Charcoal From Coconut Shells

The charcoal making machines available for sale from numerous manufacturers give a low-energy consuming, high-quality biomass carbonization equipment. With the assistance of this kind of machine, it is actually possible to convert waste materials including coconut shells into charcoal by using a high-working efficiency.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Process

•The coconut shells are first shredded into smaller pieces, with diameters that do not exceed 20 mm.

•The conveyor then conveys the coconut shells to the quantitive-feeder whereby the shredded materials are fed into a drying host.

•Inside the drying host, the types of materials undergo an operation of flash steaming and drying to remove the maximum amount of moisture as you can. From here they may be passed into the carbonization furnace, directly under the drying-host.

Charcoal Machine in Turkey
Charcoal Machine in Turkey

•Within the carbonization furnace, the temperature is raised which brings about a technique of decomposition and pyrolysis. Throughout these processes, the shredded coconut shells are carbonized and converted into charcoal. From here the carbonized materials undergo an activity of de-sulfurization and cleansing, which results in a clean charcoal merchandise that is able to be sold.

Features Of Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

The coconut shell charcoal making machines provide superior working efficiency at an affordable. The key features of these machines include:

Unique Structure

These charcoal manufacturing machines adopt a double-layer structure. The top portion contains a drying host, as the lower portion includes the carbonization furnace. This approach helps to lower energy consumption and save space.

These machines are available with all the option to incorporate a gasifier. This feature assists with further enhancing the efficiency of pyrolysis and carbonization, whereby combustible gas is generated. While using the gasifier, combustible gas is sent by way of a cyclone dust collector where the gas is de-dusted. From this point, the gas is decomposed into vinegar and wood tar. These two materials are then utilized like fuel to heat up the furnace.

Advanced Heating Method

The coconut shell charcoal making machine employs usually the one Fire Two Steps heating protocol. This works well using these double-layered structures of carbonization plants. Once the carbonization furnace is heated, there is residual heat that is generated throughout the procedure of heating. This residual heat is then utilized being a source of heat for that drying host, which means significant savings are achieved when it comes to the fuel that is utilized to work this machinery.

Safe Operation

These machines come with a central control system. This separates the operators of such machines from the carbonization furnace which ensures the security of employees that operate these machine.

Additionally, there is the durable casing that protects workers from your hazards of burns due to the high temperatures achieved within the furnace.


The newest charcoal making machines that utilize biomass being a source are regarded as green-recycling plants which pose no perils of producing pollution. These appliances make use of a sealed discharging and feeding features to ensure no pollution is released to the environment. The combustible gas generated within the machine undergoes an operation of desulfurization which suggests no harmful gases are released to the atmosphere.