Palm Shell Charcoal Making Machine to Ghana

Know About Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Making Machine

In the past years, palm shells offered almost no value and in most cases, the shells were discarded. Yet together with the latest developments in technology, this raw material is now used as either raw materials or fuel so that you can produce numerous valuable resources. The Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Making Machine is utilized mainly for processing these shells into wood vinegar, tar, bio-gas, and charcoal via a sequence of reactions which include high-temperature heating, charcoal enrichment, and sulfur and smoke emissions.

Palm Shell Charcoal Making Machine to Ghana
Palm Shell Charcoal Making Machine to Ghana

How Does Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Machine Work?

In general, these carbonization machines must come built with the required pre-treatment devices in accordance with the dimensions and moisture content of the raw materials. The palm shells are first crushed into smaller pieces (lower than 50mm pieces), then sent by way of a drying process when the moisture content exceeds 20%. This makes sure that the raw materials are processed fully in order to improve the overall quality of the end products.

From here the raw materials are then conveyed directly into the carbonization furnace. After the furnace reaches a particular temperature, the crushed palm kernel shells will generate a combustible gas, which is then utilized for providing heat towards the furnace. The residual end product left in the furnace is a type of charcoal that is certainly collected directly.

From this point, the combustible gas is purified further through a spray-dedusting system that removes harmful components, which makes sure that the whole process matches the EU emission standards.

The next step involves a condenser system, where wood vinegar and tar are collected.

Applications Of End Products

The coal content produced from carbonizing palm shells is about 90%. Because of its high-caloric value and environmental protection, this charcoal bring a secure fuel for BBQs, and as a direct fuel in commercial and industrial settings like steel-melting industries. The bio-gas is also used such as fuel that gives heat for the furnace, which assists to save lots of energy.

The wood vinegar and tar are both proofs against high temperatures, corrosion, and abrasion. As a result they ideal for various applications. For example, these by-items are employed in chemical productions including oil paint, or mosquito-repellent incense.

The palm kernel shell charcoal making machine is not merely helpful for processing palm shells but is also helpful for processing MSW (municipal solid waste) sewage sludge, together with other types of biomass materials that commonly include olive shells, peanut shells, rice hull, coconut shells, bamboo, sawdust, wood, plus more. More details:

Over and above the technology, the palm kernel shell charcoal making machine also comes equipped with energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, and highly efficient devices. Included in this are a cyclone-dedusting system plus a spray-dedusting system. These continuous carbonization furnaces also adopt a double-layer system, which ensures the raw materials enter in to direct contact with the heating resource. The innovative carbonizer design is additionally necessary to boost the efficiency of heat utilization from the beginning.