Benefits of the Sawdust Carbonizing Machine

The sawdust refers to the foam dust produced when processing the wood. We all know that the wood resources is rare in many countries, and the sawdust also has a wide application, in addition, people have realized the importance of the sawdust. The common way to utilize the sawdust is using the sawdust as fuel, culture mediums, compression plate, and the abovementioned methods can not make fully use of the sawdust.

Since the sawdust carbonizing machine came to the market, the plant is popular. The sawdust carbonization machine can handle the rice husk, straw, coconut shell, and other biomass waste. With the carbonizing machine, you can produce high quality carbon from the biomass waste, accordingly, the market value of sawdust is also increased. The investors can also make a fortune from the machine.

sawdust carbonizing machine
sawdust carbonizing machine

The sawdust carbonization machine adopts the one fire, two steps method, which means one heat source can be used to dry the material and heat the carbonization host. When the raw material is dried, there will be combustible gas produced, which can be used as energy to heat the carbonization host. Thus this design can save energy cost for the investors, in addition, since the combustible gas is recycled, so there will be no air pollution caused by the gas.

The carbonization equipment accords with the environmental protection policy, and it can be applied to handle many kinds of biomass waste. The plant can also be applied to the sewage sludge treatment. Contact us now to get your free inquiry.