The Analysis of Sawdust Carbonization Plant

The sawdust refers to the tiny particles of wood that are formed from sawing or sanding wood, and the sawdust is common in our life, but we did not make fully use of the sawdust. Traditionally, the sawdust was used as substrate, fuel and it can also be the raw material of making compression plate. The percentage of forest cover is not large, and we should make fully use of the wood energy, and the wood can create a lot for us. So the sawdust carbonization plant is a good choice.

The sawdust carbonization plant can not only process the sawdust, the rice husk, straw and other biomass waste can also be the raw material. Then we can get the biomass carbon, which has a higher carbon content than common carbon, and the biomass carbon has a wider application in the daily life.

sawdust carbonizing machine
sawdust carbonizing machine

What Can We Do with the Biomass Carbon?

First of all, it can be used as fertilizer, because of its adsorptivity, and it can improve the soil quality.

Second, it can be reprocessed the activated carbon.

The Process of Sawdust Carbonization:

1. Gasifier equipment can produce fuel gas by heating the raw material.

2. The fuel gas can be used to heat the raw material in the carbonization stove.

3. Dust-removal device will remove the dust in the gas by the recycling water.

4. Gas cleaner will make gas clean, so you can use the gas to heat, which will not pollute the environment.

5. Cooling and discharging conveyor will cool the charcoal when discharging.

The Outstanding Features of Sawdust Carbonization Plant

1. The plant adopts the latest one fire, two steps method, which can save energy cost.

2. The working process is continuous, so the working efficiency is much higher.

3. The plant is environmental protecting, and there is no pollutant produced in the working process.

4. The plant can process many kinds of biomass waste.

The biomass carbonization plant overcomes the problem that high energy consumption, high cost and high pollution. Using this plant, you can make profits and protect the environment.